Utah Legislative News for 2009

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Pull-Out / Pull Over Law HB73 (Bill Info Here) Would Support if changes were made (Our Comments/Blog on the subject)

Current Location: Being Pulled by Sponsor
Action: NONE, contact your representative between sessions

Does not specify/define a pull-out area
Does not give an exception for traveling at/near the speed limit
Provides an exception for "commercial vehicles"
Gives a definition of "impeding" traffic which could be used against bikes by placing minimum speeds (41-6a-605)
Wireless Device Restrictions HB95 (Bill Info Here)(Our Comments/Blog on the subject)

Current Location: SB149 Passed

Provides for restrictions while driving a motor vehicle (would also include bicycles by reference 41-6a-1102)
Also includes texting.

There are multiple other "texting" bills which we fully support HB248, HB281, HB290, SB149

Share the Road License Plate (Bill Info Here) (Donate Here) (Map of Other States with Plates) (PDF of other Plates) SUPPORT!
  Current Location: Senate PASSED
Action: SUPPORT!, Contact your Representative and ask for their vote for passage

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