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Selected Laws Related to Bicycling

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10-8-69  Annoying Pastimes in the Streets
11-21-1  Cities and counties to require licensing of cycles by dealers
  State Bicycle License Law
17B-2a-819(3)  Traffic Laws Apply to Transit Authorities
41-6a-1008  Vehicle crossing sidewalk
  Vehicle operator's duty to stop before sidewalk
41-6a-1011  Pedestrian vehicles
41-6a-102(21)  Highway Definition
  Highway includes the entire right-of-way
41-6a-102(51)  Roadway Definition
  Roadway is between the white lines or normal place of travel, bicycle MAY use the shoulder
41-6a-1102  Bicycle and device propelled by human power and moped riders subject to chapter
  Cyclists operate under the same traffic rules as other vehicles, except DUI
41-6a-1103  Carrying more persons than design permits prohibited
41-6a-1104  Persons on bicycles, mopeds, skates, and sleds not to attach to moving vehicles
41-6a-1105  Operation of bicycle or moped on and use of roadway
  Cyclist's right to use the roadway
41-6a-1106  Bicycles and human powered vehicle or device to yield right-of-way to pedestrians on sidewalks, path
  Riding on the sidwalk
41-6a-1107  Bicycles, Parking on sidewalk, roadway
41-6a-1108  Bicycles and mopeds, Turns, Designated lanes
  Corner-to-corner left turn option
41-6a-1109  Bicycles and mopeds, Turn signals, Exceptions
  Either hand for right turn signal
41-6a-1110  Bicycle and moped inspections
41-6a-1111  Bicycle racing
41-6a-1112  Bicycles and mopeds - Carying bundle
41-6a-1113  Bicycle, Prohibited equipment, Brakes required
41-6a-1114  Bicycles, Lamps and reflective material required
41-6a-1715  Careless driving defined and prohibited
  2 continuous infractions or 1 + distraction (cell phone)
41-6a-406  Statistical information regarding accidents
41-6a-520  Implied consent to chemical tests for alcohol or drug
41-6a-528  Reckless driving
  3 continuous infractions or reckless-disregard
41-6a-701  Duty to operate vehicle on right side of roadway
  General rule
41-6a-704  Overtaking and passing vehicles proceeding in same direction
41-6a-705  Passing upon right -- When permissible
41-6a-706  Limitation on passing
41-6a-706.5  Operation of motor vehicle near bicycle prohibited
  3' Law
41-6a-708  Signs and markings on roadway
41-6a-801  Turning, Manner, Traffic-control devices
41-6a-804  Turning or changing lanes
  Left turn can be made from left turn lane, 500' travel in 2-way LT lane
72-7-409  Loads on vehicles
  Responsibility for debris on roadway

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