About Us

Mission Statement
To advocate and enhance public education and understanding for the bicycling public. The mission shall be accomplished through positive means to the bicycling, automobile and the public at large. The corporation efforts shall utilize bicycle and public transportation for its work projects as much as reasonably practicable as determined by the board of directors.

Our trustees have a strong commitment through performance, and other means, trustees are an integral part of the corporation providing significant time, resources and/or funding to further the efforts and stability of the corporation. Trustees may serve on the board of directors, hold an officer position, be an employee and/or volunteer of the corporation and have all rights and responsibilities of such position.

Membership in the corporation shall be open to persons and organizations who support bicycling for recreation, sport and/or commuting; provide services, support and/or financial support for the corporation's efforts.

Stakeholders in the corporation shall be open to organizations who have strong commitments to the mission of the corporation's industry and are leaders in the cycling community.

Individual Donations (Members) donate below
You can support what we do here by donating some funds. The minimum suggested donation is $10 to become a "Member/Supporter." Of course we will accept any amount you can spare. General Funds collected here are used directly for supporting the costs involved in operating this website and allow us to add projects, research information and tools for cyclists and cyclist advocacy groups.

Corporate/Advocacy Organizations (Stakeholders) donate below
Bicycle & safety related organizations can also donate to us, just with the individual donations, General Funds collected here are used for the operation and expansion of the website.

Although we are a trustee based organization, we seek out and explore opinions and guidance from a wide range of individuals and groups in running our website and our Non Profit Organization.

Get Personal
Find a local advocacy group and donate your time. We are located in Salt Lake County, Utah. Still, there are needs everywhere. Check the League of American Bicyclists or the Thunderhead Alliance to find an advocacy group in your area.

Just Helping Out Member ($10) Advocate Member ($25) You name the price Member ($??)
Stakeholder ($100) Annual Pledge Member ($10 Subscription) Annual Pledge Member ($25 Subscription)



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